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 Post subject: 3-Points
PostPosted: October 8th, 2009, 8:42 pm 
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3 Points

Point number one is that I must admit I have been so unaware of the rapture theory. I didn't know that people actually thought that God was going to swoop down and take them all away to heaven just before he comes back to destroy all the rest of the people. (Presumably the sinners).

As far as I know rapture is not only not in the bible but the word itself is not mentioned, not even once in the bible. Where in the world or even out of this world did that theory ever come into being.

Point number two came into mind was I was watching the PBS series concerning Darwin. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not against sending it up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes, but it looks like they not only saluted but also sang the National Anthem.

If I understand it right a fish came up on shore and turned into a man or was it a monkey? By the way, did they ever find the missing link? What link? There is one thing I believe. That is that the bible clearly tells us that God created all of the species at the same time and also made man just like he is today in the image of angelic beings. In other words God created man and man just as they looked in heaven before taking on an earthly human body.

Strange that we can find dinosaurs from eons ago and yet that elusive missing link still eludes us. Personally I can finally reveal where they can find the missing link. They should save time and start looking exactly where it is. In their minds!

My final point is to clear up one misunderstanding. There is no conflict within any part of the bible. The conflict is in the misunderstanding and the misinterpretations in the bible. God forewarned us not to change a single word in the word he spoke. That is to make sure we translate the words of the bible to the exact meaning which he gave. So why then did we become lazy and allow non-Christians to translate the bible from the original manuscripts.

The main thing to clear up with Christians is which part of the bible is the part we should go by. Is it the old or new testament? The answer is that it is both. 80% of the new testament is the old testament.

In the beginning God had to discipline and lay out the laws since man had no knowledge of what they should be. The sacrifices were meant to symbolize how we as a people should worship. Once God sent his only son to earth to become our savior and his ultimate sacrifice there was no longer a need to crucify Jesus over again by giving sacrifices. Jesus was our final sacrifice.

We are now in the age of grace but that does not mean that the old testament should be disregarded. Jesus himself said,

Matthew 5:17
Do not ye deem, that I came to undo the law, or the prophets; I came not to undo the law, but to fulfill.

Upon the hour which Jesus parted the silver chord we began the age of grace.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 Post subject: Re: 3-Points
PostPosted: October 9th, 2009, 9:11 am 
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:CLP2: and this is where i come in and say that you are absolutely right! i have always told my children that when we read the bible, we should always remember that the Old Testament is history (or HIS-story) and that we should learn from history (taken from history classes) and that the New Testament, the Testament of our age, should be followed. and since the Old Testament is in the New...well...we should learn a lot from the two. (make New friends but keep the Old...? same goes for the two parts of the bible as well)

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