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 Post subject: Fear
PostPosted: March 16th, 2009, 8:32 pm 
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FDR said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”. There are not many faults with that except he failed to name fear. Fear is named “Satan”. It is his projection of fear within us that there might be something that can harm us.

Satan can not harm a single hair on our body but he can use our own minds to initiate the physical and the spiritual destruction of our souls. He can set us up by using his lies and our minds for situations that can cause us harm in the physical sense. If we yield to Satan and ignore the word of God, we can be had by Satan and find ourselves in destructive situations. This is the “Mark of the Beast”. To not believe in the Lord is to believe in Satan.

There is no sitting on the fence. You either do or you don’t. You must take a stand. There is a war going on around you even as you wake. The war is in heaven and in earth, between good and evil. It is between God and the devil himself. On earth we can pray and stay in the word. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. The shield is in the left hand and the sword is in the right. Fend off the lies of Satan with your shields. In other words, be aware of every situation since none is just in passing. Strike back with the sword. The sword is the word of God, which is unlike a double edge sword.

Within the 6th seal and at the 6th trump the 6th vile will be poured out unto us. So as with “666” the serpent, Satan will be loosed in earth to deceive all of man. The Anti-Christ will physically be present on earth. He will come as Christ and will deceive by love; the word and all of the actions expected of Christ himself.

We are living in the most fearful of all times. Fear is not in the dying of the flesh but in the coming of “666”. It is within our own minds and how they can be manipulated by Satan’s deception. So you see there is nothing to fear but fear itself. The season grows near and is nigh at your door.

The consciousness of the being is always within the soul. As long as the soul resides within flesh the focus is in the dimension of the flesh. When we yield these bodies we will return to whence we came, the father, God who resides in the heaven. The focus will then be in the dimension of the spiritual being. As spirit to spirit we will again be solid but without the limitation of the flesh. Eternal life is our destiny as promised but not without the price of admission. This price is simple but elusive. While we are asked no more than the truth, many doubt the truth while others honor the flesh, which is short-lived. It is called vanity and self-pleasure. It is so easy to sell your soul to the devil. Just by not believing, sin, and ignoring the word is the key to destruction of the soul or the second death.

When you leave this flesh and return to heaven you will not know the difference in living. The fear of the end of life is a moot point unless you let Satan deceive you. Misery loves company and one of Satan’s names is “Misery”. The son of perdition will have you join him in that pit that is to be his reward for his evil deeds. Life is real and it is to be taken as the only important fate of man. I am not talking about the life of the flesh but the life of the soul.

The soul has been ever since God created it and it is to be eternal as promised or blotted out of memory forever. It will exist in eternity or it would have never existed. The soul is destined to live in peace and joy with all of the power and riches and glory and magnification that can be imagined by the mind of the flesh. The time is nigh and there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Stay in the word and remember “666”, the Anti-Christ will come first pretending to be Christ. Do not be deceived.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 Post subject: Re: Fear
PostPosted: March 16th, 2009, 8:42 pm 
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This is powerful.

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