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 Post subject: Current World Economic Crisis
PostPosted: November 19th, 2008, 12:01 pm 
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I've been reading about the reasons for the financial crisis that has caused problems with banks, auto industry, loss of homes and the general collapse of the world economy. There have been reasons of all kinds given by all types of people. Some blame the oil industry and their 200 billion dollar extra in earning over the past ten years . Some have blamed the greedy banks in lending without any checks and balances. I think some have even blamed the (e)aster bunny.

There is a clear path for prosperity set out in the bible. That path leads to letting the land rest every seventh year so it can replentish itself. It also says to forgive debts of your neighbors every seventh year. That is so your neighbor will have a year to replentish his own prosperity and funds and be able to continue to exist.

So it becomes clear to me that we are in a world recession soon to be a depression because we have not lived by the lessons given in the bible. It's just that simple. If we as a people and we as a nation and we as a world had taken heed and every seventh year allowed the world to replentish it's own economy we would still be living in a world with a stable economy.

It sounds simple but how could such a big and diverse world have done this. By big business reducing profits to zero every seven years so that the consumer could have the advantage of gainning needs; by having the banks reduce interest rates to zero every seventh years to allow for the recovery that would then allow the mortagager to recovery to be able to be in a strong position to begin paying the next six years; by having the auto industry stay with a model year every seventh year to gain strong standing in that years so they could then invest in the changes for the coming six years. It goes like this right down the line. One thing for sure as long as there is greed and no strong one leader we can never come out from this crisis without devine intervention.

The greed of Satan was his downfall. It was in all simplicity the sole reason for his downfall. Now in all the time we have been given to examine why we were so wide eyed in the first earth age to see the outcome of Satan's little coup. That's like saying if we all had shunned Satan then we would not need to be here now. Even a mild interest in Satan's outcome was a confidence builder that he could indeed overthrow God. Not to take a stand in itself is to take a stand. Yes! What I'm saying is that it is mostly the fault of every grown person in this world that we are in this end time crisis. It should be no surprise to anyone. It was told about in the bible thousands of years ago. There have been two paths for each of us to go everytime we have ever made a single decision. After that decision there were always two more paths.

Did God promise we had no choice? No he only told us by the writing of the bible where we were headed and what was bound to happen by our wrong decisions. The bible told us how to live by it's examples and still we choose not to follow the ways of history that showed us how and how not to live. Then God sent his son to show us again and we went from the age of "Laws" that we did not follow to the age we are in now of "Grace" which is known as the New Testament of the bible. Both are just as important. This age of "Grace" did not replace the age of "Laws". It only re-inforces and enhances what we already knew. Jesus came and physically showed us the way yet we continue to be stuck in the old non-conforming greedy ways that Satan discovered.

We call ourselves Christians yet when is the last time you had two cars and your neighbor in need of a car to work did not become the one you gave it to. Yes I said gave it to not sold it to. Must everything be all about profit? We are now seeing what happens to people, to nations, to the world when everyone's first consideration is a profit. We need to get back to the spirit of the "Letter for God", the bible. Separation of church and state was never meant to be an elimination of church from the state but a safeguard to make sure the government would not control the church. We have on last set of two paths to choose. This time the world will choose which path we take.

Revelation tells us where we are headed but God has never carved anything in stone other than the Ten Commandments. He has given us freewill which should show us it doesn't have to be the way it is written. From our past history I would be willing to bet that God knows which way we are going to go with this on and it is still right down the path of hell for some but it is our ultimate salvation for others.

In conclusion you may want to know how this will all play out. Will we recover or will we just all suffer a plight of poverty and worsening conditions. Just know that history has already shown that while some will see the light not enough will and in the end greed will win out until it's time to be saved the final time. So as you suffer, smile knowing that it is a sign of the good times to come. Each time it gets a little wrose smile a little bigger then go to sleep to be awakened by what will feel like you died and went to heaven. That is just what will happen. We will wake to a happiness we never knew here. The best part is that we will share that happiness with each other in a world where there are no more crisis. I am looking foward to seeing each and everyone in our real eternal life. So until then smile on them that do not yet know and imagine that they have also seen the light.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

 Post subject: Re: Current World Economic Crisis
PostPosted: November 19th, 2008, 12:42 pm 
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i couldn't read all of this, i started to cry just imagining all the stuff that could (and is going to) happen, if not now, probably in a year or two...or three...sooner or later, the people will know that the christians, for what we teach to our children, and what our children are going to teach their children...we are right about the bible, and i know how hard it is to let go of our anger and to forgive those who owes us at least...something, the bible clearly states that we need to allow them this time frame. treat those how you wish to be treated, teach those how you were taught, according to the bible. pray for those who don't (or don't care to) know the way.

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